Book: Time of London (ed: 15)

Book: Time of London (ed: 15)
Limited edition of 15 copies.
38x26cm (15x10"); 33 pages, 73 color photographs.
All pages are original pigment prints on archival paper made by the author.
Fabric cover; Professional handmade binding.
Flyleaves are photocopies of "The times" newspaper or 1926 and "The Derby Gazette" of 1863.
Sleepcase available.
Photographs from the project Time of London .
In this book, we lead you through the story told by actual walls and the streets of London, who carry traces of different times, generations and styles, which replaced each other for ages.
The walls of London live their own life and give new life to other objects and plants. They are no longer a speechless material evidence but rather a witness, an active participant of London history. People create buildings that turn into pages, where the time will carve its marks to tell a mysterious story. In this story meanings and purposes of objects are ambiguous, dates are diffused, remainders of epochs are mixed into puzzles. This could be a story of abandoning the past or a story of succession and grateful preservation of the heritage.
Graphic design © Svetlana Dubas
Photographs and text © Gennady Meergus
The book was shown at Fotofest Meeting Place in Houston and at Festival de la Luz in Buenos Aires.
One copy was purchased for Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.
To acquire, please contact the author .