Metauniverse (2022)

Metauniverse (2022)
"Metauniverse" is a joint project with Svetlana Dubas.
In this series, we have tried to voice the questions and anxieties that arise with the intrusion of virtual perceptions into our lives.
Human experiences are increasingly associated with images generated by computers. The virtual world invites us, promising bright and joyful sensations, but at the same time it draws us in like a rabbit hole leading to another dimension.
A human is accustomed to feel himself the crown of creation, "the king of the hill." In fact, we are the kings only of the world we have built ourselves. The virtual world is entirely under our control, it is easier to dive into it than to sort out problems in reality.
Virtual experience invades everyday life. Virtual entertainment, work, shopping, friends and, finally, your virtual body. From improving our image in selfies, enriching reality with beautiful backgrounds and surroundings, and all the way to complete dissolution in a colorful fantasy world.
The line between reality and fiction is gradually blurring. At some point, we may find ourselves imprisoned in it and dependent on it.
A person in the virtual world does not pay attention to the surrounding reality. He lives in it, but it is no longer the sphere of his interests.
What will the reality look like when people's consciousness goes into fictional worlds?
Will they take care of the world around them, of the ecology, nature, or will the planet be covered with deserts? Will the only things remaining in the reality just be purely functional structures, brutal buildings, whose appearance is of no interest to anyone? How will people staying in virtual reality contact with those to whom it is unavailable? Will they understand each other?
Maybe the new world will look abandoned.
Maybe our survival at all is under a question. It could be that what would remain of us are just structures incomprehensible to descendants.
Maybe we will be forced to search for a new home in the universe, but will we be able to find one and build it again?