Book: "A good vacation" (ed: 15)

Book: "A good vacation" (ed: 15)

"A Good Vacation" is a joint project with Svetlana Dubas. It is a very personal story, full of self-irony. It presents the discoveries of a person who spends most of their time in an office but dreams of touching a different life. He wants to see the beauty of lavender fields, try the slow life of Provence, enjoy the majestic landscapes of the United States, and feel the pulse of the business life of a megalopolis. 

The book expresses the desire to fill life with colorful, enjoyable moments beyond the usual monotonous work and home routine that can be tiring and stressful. This desire, however, is limited by the constraints of the short vacation, which typically lasts a week or two. The book gently criticizes consumerism's approach to travel that focuses on rushing to see famous sights and landmarks, instead encouraging responsible travel where people create unique, meaningful memories and moments for reflection.

Limited edition, manually crafted photo book of more than 80 photographs.

Edition of 15, one copy has already been purchased by a private collection.